Tuesday, February 14, 2017

While You Were Out

As a middle school teacher, it can be hard keeping track of who has been absent and the assignments they missed.

My solution...

a "While You Were Out" board.

By the time students are in middle school, they need to begin to practice personal responsibility.

When they are absent from my ELA class, I have them check the class calendar to see what they missed during their absence. I place all extra papers in a pocket chart that contains 5 file folders - - 1 for each day of the week.

For example, if a student misses school on a Monday, he/she will check the calendar the day they return for any missed assignments. They also check the Monday file folder for any papers or handouts.

Above is a closer look at the calendar I use - stinkin' cute, isn't it. (Link is below for you to download for FREE!!)
I stapled all the months together, then peel off each month as it ends (as shown above).
I file the used calendar pages in my filing cabinet until the end of the school year, then toss.

I just write short notes on what we did that day in class. For example, it might say "read pgs. 1-10; vocab. study guide". Students would then know they need to read pages 1-10 and pick up a study guide from the file folder pocket for the day they missed.

This system has been so easy and keeps me sane!! I don't have papers piling up on my desk that I need to remember to pass out to absent students.

Below is the pocket chart I used that fits five file folders. I had some colored folders already so I used those, but some cute ones from the Target Dollar Spot would be awesome too.


Get it here:

Check out these other colors:



Next I used a blank calendar for the school year.

Here is a the one I downloaded from TpT for FREE!!!

I'd love to hear how you manage absent students in your classroom! Share your ideas below and don't forget to follow me on Facebook!

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