Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Middle School Classroom Tour

Here is a mid-year look at my Middle School classroom. We keep the overhead lights off 90% of the time per student request. They love the darker atmosphere. There are lamps and string lights placed along the room and the projector is on most of the time as well. Having the lights off really provides a calming environment.

Here is the view standing in the back of the room:

Here is the back wall:

And the side wall where I meet for reading conferences:

My favorite accessory to decorate any classroom with is the tissue pom pom...

Check out Amazon to get a great deal on a variety pack.

I can't hang them from my ceiling, but that would be super cute too!

Now here is a look at our 6th grade teacher lounge makeover!



This was super easy and didn't cost a dime. I used left over boarder and pom poms from my classroom, some decor I wasn't using at home and put the whole thing together in no time flat.

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