Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Can...Student Trackers (and some BIG *news*)

Oh has it been busy!!

What have I been up to?


(New Orleans Skyline - my trip to the GOTR Summit)

And this...

(Cleaning, de-cluttering, and **PACKING**)

And this...

(2 back-to-back weekend trips to Rhode Island for -gasp- house hunting)

Plus teaching, professional development(s), interviewing, mom duties, and all other life roles.

Yes! You read that correctly - InterViewing!!! BooHoo!!

Good news is - our house sold in 5 days!!!

Never would have dreamed that would happen.

Now we are busy making plans for a move to the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area - where this weekend they are having a blizzard with around 24 inches of snow!! How ever will I adjust to this kind of weather?!? Yikes!!

Okay, on to more important, school related news!

I have created a new "I Can...Student Tracker" packet available on TpT. It includes several student tracking sheets with a graphing section. Click here to see my previous post on "I Can..." statements.

My students love getting out their clipboards and documenting their scores. They love comparing their new scores to previous ones. I try to give pretests and then a post-test.

Here are some of the responses my class made about student trackers:

As you can see they feel empowered and so smart when they get to compare a pre and post test! I love using the forms for formative assessment/exit tickets. I can see their work, their self-evaluations, and I can make personalized comments all in one spot.

It has been a big hit in my classroom and hope you can use it too!

Click here to get your copy.

I will give one packet away by random drawing on Monday, Feb. 11 - just comment below and don't forget to leave me an email address!

Stay tuned for more news on this *BIG* adventure event move (tear, tear).