Sunday, May 6, 2012

We had a fun day in 3rd grade on Friday! (It was an early release day - yeah!!)

As we were settling in first thing in the morning, I was opening the blinds and noticed that our last caterpillar had finally blossomed into a beautiful butterfly!

We excitedly headed outside to release him. He was so reluctant to take flight though. He held on so tightly to his branch. One student broke out into song, singing R'Kelly's - I Believe I Can Fly! I decided we couldn't wait forever and the children inferred that his "wings must need more time drying"; so we headed back inside with him.

Later that afternoon, I remembered that I still needed to give this stubborn amazing creature another chance at freedom. I was too worried he would die if left in his box all weekend. My son helped carry him back outside and picked him and his stick up, admiring the beauty marks on his wings, when at last he took off into flight!

Also on Friday, we wrapped up our ROCK THE TEST project. This idea came from Tiffany Gannon's Rockin' Out the Test...
My kids loved creating a mini-me, rocker style. They also had to write advice or strategies about taking the TEST! They did a fantastic job, and it is stinking cute hanging up in the hallway!

Lastly, I want to share what I whipped up made Friday night for teacher appreciation week next week! I had seven gifts to give (one son has three teachers and the other two have two teachers each). I decided to create a gift similar to one I had seen on Pinterest. Altogether, I spent under $20 and less than 30 minutes creating 7 gifts. Here is a sneak peek...

To create these gifts, I bought clear frames at the dollar store ($7), ribbon ($2), flowers/stickers ($2), post-it notes ($4). Most items, except the frames, were purchased at Wal-mart. I already had 12x12 scrapbook paper at home (for 7 frames, it took under 1 1/2 pages).

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