Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Break - 9 Days Away

Well technically we have 8 1/2 because our last day of school is early release! I am getting so excited! It will be a busy final 2 weeks with EOG retesting, movie day (where each grade level goes to the movie theater), field day, and awards day. Whew, that is quiet a lot for only 9 days left!

One activity that I save for an end-of-the-year filler is Extreme Dot-to-Dot.

This is a fun activity that the kids love to do! The very first time I pass it out they just about freak out with the "extreme" number of dots, but then they get busy and take it very seriously! I even make it a contest of sorts and tell them that the best final product will be displayed.

If you teach in the upper grades you should check out these books! You can find them here. I especially like the Animals and Explorers.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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  1. Hi, I'm a new third grade blogger and just found your blog. So cute, creative, and fun! We apparently both love ribbons!