Friday, May 11, 2012

Author's Purpose

Well, testing begins next week - yikes!! So... this week while reviewing, I pulled out this beauty to review why authors write.

I love this visual of PIE (( Persuade, Inform, and Entertain)). I made my PIE using my daughter's markers and a piece of white poster board. It was a bit tough because the markers are so small, but I love the colors.

Once we went over it thoroughly, my students created their very own PIEs to help them remember author's purpose before the BIG test next week. I came across this pin though on Pinterest AFTER we made our individual PIEs in class and wanted to share (because it is so much cuter than what my students created).
(Click here for the site)

I will definitely use this one next year. My students had a small plate that we divided into thirds and then they colored it to look like a pie and labeled the sections.

Here is an anchor chart I found on Pinterest - the students can even create their own author's purpose tree map by cutting out pictures of books out of book orders. (I always have a few extra Scholastic Book Orders - now I will have a way to use them!)


  1. Hi Angie! Love the author's purpose stuff! Good luck on testing-we just finished this week :)
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  3. Hi Angie, I just shared this blog post about author's purpose on Working 4 the Classroom's FB page, I love it!! I looked for your FB page but didn't see it, do you have one?