Thursday, April 19, 2012

Test Prep is Underway!

It is hard to believe that another year is winding down. What does that mean for a third grade teacher? Test prep!!
With only a few weeks left until our state exams, I have begun preparing my kids for the test. We are reviewing skills that we have learned throughout the year and are practicing our test taking strategies for math and reading.
I recently purchased a "Math Key Words Sort" from Ashleigh on Teachers pay Teachers that I loved using this week for reviewing! Click here to visit TpT. Here is how I used it to review:

I created this anchor chart after I saw a similar one on a blog not too long ago (I can't remember where I saw it, if you know I'd love to give a "shout out") I loved the idea of using this strategy with the math key words sort I have purchased. I gave everyone a copy of the sort and we went through each problem together step-by-step using the CUBE strategy. I demonstrated along with them using our document camera. Once we had thoroughly dissected each math word problem, the students then cut out and sorted the word problems by the "action" they would use to solve the problem (+ - x / ). They had a great time with this activity and I think they will be able to use what we learned to better understand and perform on the test.

Amber at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher created a free math review that I just downloaded from TpT that I plan to use tomorrow with my CUBE strategies too. This download contains several pages including a poster with math key words, a key word sort (cut-n-paste), and a practice sheet on word problems. She calls these Operation Clue Words. Check her out!

That's all for now! TGIF tomorrow!!

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  1. Can you shed some more light on the Math Key Words Sort. I searched TpT and couldn't find it!