Friday, April 20, 2012

More Test Prep

Yeah!! Finally Friday!! We made it through our first week back from a long spring break (the kids had off 1 1/2 weeks). We spent the week learning a few new concepts in math and spent the rest of our days reviewing for the upcoming EOG's. Yesterday's post included the math strategy poster CUBES. And already I have had our curriculum coach come in and check it out as we put the strategy into action today. A colleague in 4th grade has already made her own CUBES anchor chart - check out how cute it is!!!
Now for a picture of my reading strategy poster. I came up with this by combining different concepts I have seen other 3rd grade teachers use. It is called UNRREAL. Pronounced unreal, except it has two "r"'s. What does it mean? U - underline the title N - number the paragraphs R - read the questions but not the answers R - read the passage/selection E - eliminate obviously wrong answers A - answer L - look back for: 1. "right there" answers 2. make sure all answers were marked (none were skipped) Take a look at my anchor chart:
Only a few weeks left to review, review, review! Whew, I think I can, I think I can!!

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  1. I am in test prep mode...I love your unrreal anchor chart! Welcome to blogging and I love your DreamLike Magic blog design! They are the best!

    One Teacher's Take