Saturday, April 14, 2012

I can...

An alternative to exit tickets is to give each student a form called an "I Can Statement" form. This form can be given to students each Monday in order for them to document what they have learned during the week. There is a section for them to self-evaluate their learning and a space for them to show or explain what they "can" do. At the beginning of a lesson, I have the students write down their "I Can" statement for the lesson in the space provided. This gives them the opportunity to hear, write, and read what they will be learning. We then continue with the day's lesson. At the end of the lesson (or at the end of the day), I have students evaluate how well they understand the concept and to show or explain what they learned.

For example, if the day's math lesson was on fractions of a whole, the "I Can..." statement might be "I can show fractions of a whole." At the end of the lesson, they would check the box that they feel best describes their understanding of fractions of a whole and then give an example in pictures, words, or both. A student might write: A fraction of a whole is an object that is divided into equal parts, like a pizza that is cut into 8 equal size pieces (including a picture of a circle divided into 8).

I have had a lot of success with this quick, easy form of formative assessment. I walk around and monitor what they have demonstrated/written. I instantly know who's got it and who needs some extra small group instruction. Let me know what you think.

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  3. I love these I Can forms. Great Idea. I too am a third grade teacher in Mooresville, NC getting ready for EOG's Thanks for the ideas!! And good luck!

  4. Do you collect these daily to monitor daily? Or have them leave it on desks? Or talk about it daily 1 on 1 as they complete them?